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    Quote Originally Posted by Plasma View Post
    I was at 155 at my peak athletic shape in my early 20s. So mainly I feel if I get back down to that weight I can hang with the 20 year olds without feeling like an old man the next morning.

    I know this is false, but I can dream.
    I know what you mean.

    If I were you, I'd just keep working out, getting into better and better shape, and keep your weight/body fat reasonable. At your age you can do that, and hang with the 20 year olds much better than losing weight.

    I was able to hang with 20 years (depending on the 20 year old, LOL, those elite judoka peak at 23-26 y/o...) olds until I turned 45. And it was more a matter of cardio on the ground, and general loss of reaction speed and flexibility standing (and cardio, LOL).

    Plus, it's really satisfying when it happens, to beat up on 20 somethings when you have a few extra pounds around your waist...let it hang out and flaunt it. Gray or white hair is the same, combine the two and it's exponentially awesome for your ego.
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    I'd prefer to put on muscle mass. As you get older you loose it....better to pack on some before the decline so the net loss isn't so bad.

    I've heard/read that increased muscle mass in midlife helps keep you mobile longer into old age.

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