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    Benny Urquidez's Sparring Wisdom

    A great video I came across, with Benny giving one of the best no-BS dissertations on sparring in martial art ("the art of war") I think I've ever heard.

    Regardless of your experience level, this kind of wisdom is golden.

    Sparring..."best therapy you will ever get".

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Awesome, Mr Urquidez was a true warrior.

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    So true. I've been full contact sparring for 6 months in hung ga and only now am I beginning to realise the error of my ways and it is contained in everything he says. All of those who are scared/nervous of sparring its not about 'how tough the other guy is' or how quick he is. It's about how tough you are and and if you aren't that tough the first step to becoming tougher is to trust yourself - just like Benny says.

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    Got it in one. It's all about you, not the other guys.


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