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    7/07/2014 6:10am


    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    How to find a respectable school in a new area?

    Hey I have searched some forum messages but can't find listings for any good bjj or mma classes in yonkers, ny. NY is full of mcdojos (I've taken a few classes at some of these unfortunately) so does anyone know a good school or how to find a good school in yonkers? Is there a list of reputable schools by location somewhere?
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    7/07/2014 8:34am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Schools move, shut down, reopen, change names, merge together, fall apart....I wouldn't wager on a comprehensive list by location of reputable BJJ schools.

    Attend a class. Participate if possible. Ask how long before you can roll, about belt fees and other fees aside from monthly dues. Ask how often they roll/spar and if they have a competition team and if so, how well they do. There are some stickies around here that give solid guidelines for finding a good school, but I'm about to take a test in my music class so......
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    i really think that those who can't get their head around the bowing thing (because their angry sky daddy will punish them) don't deserve judo. life is full of choices, and if your bronze age superstitions are holding you back, so be it.


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