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    6/10/2014 9:16pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Seeking info on founder of Korean Hapkido Federation

    I found a TKD/HKD/Kumdo instructor in Maryland who started his own Federations and would like to know if he is a bona fide Grandmaster in HKD and Kumdo. His name is H.W. Kim and he started the Korean Hapkido Federation as well as the Korean Kumdo Federation. His website is
    koreanmartialartsinc dot com and I am considering going to his dojang on the days I am not doing BJJ.
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    6/24/2014 8:40am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Just a couple of thoughts. There is a Korean Hapkido Federation out of Korea that standardizes many HKD schools. From the looks of it he is basically taking their logo and adding a different center piece to it and calling it his own. However, I do not see him making claims that he and the KHF in Korea are one and the same. You may want to inquire if he does utilize the KHF in Korea, or at the very least ask him who certified his rank. As for the Kumdo Federation. There are many independent federations. I would just ask if he is part of the World Kumdo Association and also verify who certified his rank.

    My overall advice is to just go in to see what his school is like. Either you like his training methods or you don't. Do not worry about the organizations, unless your end goal is to be a black belt and recognized by the standard organizations such as KHF, WKF or Kukkiwon. Good luck.
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