I am moving to Munich in early September, and as such, I'm going to have to find a new place to train at once I get there. I am currently trying to decide between three gyms. All three seem to be at least decent places to train.

The first one that I am looking at is Munich MMA: http://www.munich-mma.de/
They only teach Muay Thai and BJJ, but their main instructor is a professional fighter with a decent record.

The next gym I am considering is KS-Gym: http://www.ks-gym.de/en/
In addition to Muay Thai and BJJ, they also offer Judo. I really like Judo, and I've heard that Germany has some of the best Judo in all of Europe.

The last (and my last) choice is Sanefighting: http://sanefighting.de/
Sanefighting doesn't seem to have quite the rep of Munich MMA, and also does not offer Judo. That being said, it still looks like a very solid gym.

So, does anyone on these boards have any experience with any of these places, and is there anything I am missing when it comes to evaluating these gyms? Thanks guys.