Hey guys,

Iíve been lurking for a long time and took up MT a few months ago (thanks to this forum). Getting straight to the point Ė Iím male, 22, 5í8Ē and about 132 lbs, how do I get to a normal weight quickly? Ideally Iíd like to gain 10-15lbs or more. Iíve used the search function and read a lot of posts, as well as other stuff online, but there is a lot of mixed information.

Do I just eat everything in sight, or is that too unhealthy? Is drinking a gallon of milk a day until I reach my goal weight unhealthy?

Should I be lifting, and if so, what program would you recommend for a complete beginner? I have a barbell and a rather primitive bench press rack at home (which I could possibly use for squats as well?) but no one to spot me so it hasnít seen much use. I do a fair amount of bodyweight exercises so Iím not exactly weak, but I could stand to gain some muscle. I would like to ramp up my MT training to 6 days a week for 2-3 hours a day (split between morning and evening), so is there a way to include a weights workout without overtraining?

Any help would be appreciated.