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    Sexual Assaults @ Saroughi Martial Arts (Ottawa)

    I'm posting this here because I recall that, a while ago, some guys on Bullshido got into an e-argument because one guy said that one of the instructors at Saroughi Martial Arts had a habit of behaving inappropriately towards some his female students (especially young ones) and the other guy defended him saying that the accusations were unfounded.

    Today, this article appeared in my Facebook feed:

    Martial arts instructor charged with sexual assault

    Ottawa police are encouraging any other potential victims to come forward

    A south Ottawa martial arts instructor is facing sexual assault charges involving one of his former students.

    A student reported to police in October 2013 that she was inappropriately touched by Ahmed Saroughi, the co-owner of Saroughi Martial Arts at 1844 Bank Street.
    Saroughi, a 46-year-old who also goes by Sam, has been charged with assault, sexual assault and sexual exploitation.

    Sgt. Patricia Ferguson said police are encouraging any other potential victims to come forward.

    Anyone with information is asked to contact the Ottawa Police Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Section at 613-236-1222 ext. 5944.

    If you know anyone training there, give'em a heads up.

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    There's a lot of Ottawa based bullies on here. I can remember driving by this club but have no info on it.


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