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  1. DeepSouthDad is offline

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    Mar 2015

    Posted On:
    3/16/2015 3:36pm

    Bullshido Newbie

    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Gear bundles?

    I hope this is the right spot for this, if not please move it to the appropriate place.

    Does anyone know a good bundle of MMA gear? Looking for a set that includes pretty much everything a newbie would need to train, spar, and fight. Would like to get good quality without breaking the bank.
  2. Piff is offline

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    Oct 2014

    Posted On:
    3/18/2015 6:03pm

     Style: WTF TKD

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    This isn't quite the answer you were looking for but I figured I may as well answer as it doesn't seem like anyone else will.

    Now I don't know about bundles, nor do I know the quality of the items, but they seem legit from the pictures.

    It's the site where you can get cheap Chinese knock offs of crap and I've been wondering as to the quality to some of the stuff you can get on there myself.

    The site is aliexpress.com and a lot of the sellers use guarentee's and stuff that at least makes you able to get your money back.

    Good luck, and if you use the site, get back to me with the quality of the stuff you received


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