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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Hung Ga vs. Wing Chun (Gordon Liu!)

    Another great video dug up by the folks at http://practicalhungkyun.com/

    Wing Chun or Hung Ga?!?!?

    Wooden Dummy or Iron Rings?!?!

    Gordon Liu or ....(no idea who the Chun guy is).

    You decide!!

    Laugh for whatever reason you want...that you secretly know Hung Kuen is superior to Chun, you feel Chain Punching destroys all Hung Kuen element fist techniques, or you just think Kung Fu guys are super silly. Cuz we are.

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    "Well what?"

    "Well waaaaaaterrrrrrrrrrr."

    But that was pretty entertaining. Still, though, Gordon Liu's speed with those rings on? I'm just like... doing push ups before bed... I feel good about myself. That's what counts, right?

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