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    1/04/2014 11:02pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Some Kurinnoy For You

    Here are some vids from our training camp this past summer. Kurinnoy is the man. Enjoy. I also put up a vid of some rolling at one of his clubs and Sambo 70 so you guys can see a bit more of what it is like there.

    See what a little nudging can do Plasma ;)
    One of the best Bullshido investigations ever written: http://www.bullshido.org/David_Kujawski_Investigation

    "disgruntled ex student who couldn't hack training with Dave and his material and opted out (could be called pussied out) of training to go to Sambo" - Mor Sao
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    1/05/2014 7:41am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Nice Videos, lots of little details there. I been using the Over the Back Grip or Georgian Grip a lot more the last couple of years especially as a counter to BJJ guys shooting for the underhook.


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