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    12/23/2013 9:09am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Bai Lin Chuan in London , Ontario

    I have traded some email with a gentleman in London, Ontario who trains under Jason Ward. Jason Ward runs a school in Barrie, Ontario (http://www.whiteforestmartialarts.com/). My recent inquiry about the lineage of their Bai Lin Dao system generated this reply: “Our lineage goes to Dennis Decker and Daniel Pai. Pai combined a rare Chinese gong fu brought over from Okinawa and Hawaii and combined it with northern and southern Dragon systems from China, along with some Taoist arts that came through the temple systems. Decker combined that gong fu with the Taiwanese art he practised and Bai Lin was created from this. We have 65 generations of lineage, and my Master has all of the names of that lineage.”

    Does anyone have any experience with White Forest martial Arts in Barrie, Ontario?
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    12/26/2013 10:25pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    He has listed that he trained with my Shifu Richard Gamboa and with one of my kung fu brother, Joshia Craig. Both of them are legit. No idea if this guy is or not.

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    1/04/2014 11:25am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I can find out if his lineage is connected to Dan Pai in any way..
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