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    this is interesting, has anybody here practiced this art

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodlun View Post
    Lets take a good look at what I mean by this.

    CMD is offered at one school in my area.
    Swift Kick. Swift Kick hasn't pressure tested their martial arts program against anyone else. Its not a program that makes fighters or other competitors. This of course isn't their goal, the fact that this isn't part of their goal is a huge part of the problem. They have no way to know what they are doing works.

    Now here is a short and far from an all inclusive list of schools that don't offer CMD but sure the hell does pressure test their martial arts. I sure the hell would trust them with my Fitness and Self Defense goals long before I would Swift Kick.

    The worse part? Swift Kick COST more than a lot of these places.
    I checked out Swift Kick when I was shopping around for a school. It was a couple of years ago now, but the cost was a big factor in why I chose to go elsewhere. I did two classes and my kids each did two classes so I am not an expert and I can only talk about my limited experience. The instruction was solid. We did basic pad work. It was standard boxing techniques. Again, good solid instruction. I posted about my concerns about the CM stance what we where being taught in another thread here.
    There was a lot that turned me off about this school though. Aside from the price the number one reason I walked was the super hard sell by the owner. I did my two free classes and then he took me into his office for the pitch and I felt like it was the stereotypical used car salesman. He kept saying things like "I really want you and your family as students". He actually even said, "What do we need to do to get you to sign this contract today?"

    Aside from the contracts and hard sell there were other things that felt very disingenuous. I felt he was trying to tell me what I wanted to hear. On one hand he was bad-mouthing TMA, but then he said that they do a forms class on Saturdays. Then they have a demo team that is basically all the stuff that he was making fun of.

    I told him about my experience and how I was previously at school that was basically a fight gym and was not looking for that now. He answer was that he tells people who are looking to compete to go find another school. Those were his words, but when I went to the free classes they were talking about some students who were having their first amateur fights.

    Now I don't mind teaching forms. I have always done forms and katas as a meditative practice. Physically they can build athleticism. More importantly they can help you feel peaceful. I probably spend 10-20 min a week doing forms.

    I also have no problem with having amateur fighters at a school. How can that be a bad thing. These are the guys that are really going to elevate the school.

    My problem was stop trying to game me. Stop trying to sell me on your bullshit and be straight with me.

    Just my two cents.

    P.S. The place was really small too!
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