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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    A video of sportmanship.

    The video is about sportsmanship and such, what got to me starts at 1:45

    Reminds me somehow of high school reunions. At first the assholes still rule. But later, like at the 40th, everyone has been touched by hard times and tragedy, and most of us have gotten way beyond the status and cliques and it's more like thank
    god you made it! Or the meeting at Gettysburg where tens of thousands of veterans re-enacted Pickett's Charge and as the Rebels gave their attack yell, the Union side climbed over the wall and met their old foes with tears, hugs and handshakes.
    "Preparing mentally, the most important thing is, if you aren't doing it for the love of it, then don't do it." - Benny Urquidez

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    That was good Pat.

    Anyone know the back story on the Iron Man segment?


    Meet Dick Hoyt. One 72 year old loving, badass father.

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