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Judo and boxing and fencing use offset stances...at least anybody who knows what they are doing does.

In fact, on of the biggest problems I have in teaching judo is to get students to maintain their right or left foot forward "stance" (posture, really) (migi or hidari shizentai...right or left natural posture), instead of shuffling their feet around and worse.
My point was a generalisation about range and the styles given as an example. I'm not talking about a square on horse stance, more about approximate hip position. While your students are keeping a foot forward stance, most of the time their hips are much more square on than a TKD fighter or fencer. Yes they all may switch positions as the fight goes but generally their default hip position is different. A boxer will take a more side on stance if they're going in and out using their jab (a bit like a fencer) but once they close and start throwing combo's their hips become square on.

Basically if you want to use both hands and have better side to side movement a more square on stance is better. If you want faster in / out movement and present a smaller target a more side on stance is better.