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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Olympics 2020: Wrestling reinstated to Games

    Olympics 2020: Wrestling reinstated to Games

    Wrestling has been reinstated as an Olympic sport for the 2020 and 2024 Games after being voted in ahead of baseball/softball and squash.

    International Olympic Committee (IOC) members conducted a secret electronic ballot on the issue in Buenos Aires.

    Wrestling had been dropped from the 2020 Olympic programme in February after the IOC assessed the performance of all 26 sports at London 2012.

    On Saturday, the organisation's 125th session awarded Tokyo the 2020 Games.

    Wrestling - which was the favourite - received a majority of 49 votes, while a combined baseball/softball bid got 24 votes and squash 22.

    The sport - one of the original disciplines at the Ancient Olympics - had been due to end its Olympic participation at Rio 2016 following its dismissal by the IOC earlier this year.

    English 2010 Commonwealth bronze medallist, Leon Rattigan, told BBC Sport: "I am so pleased that the pinnacle competition to which we all aspire is saved.

    "Wrestlers across the world continue to have something to work for."

    Members of amateur wrestling's world governing body, the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles (Fila), gave a roar when the result was announced by IOC president Jacques Rogge.

    Wrestling's triumph in the vote follows a number of sweeping reforms made following its exclusion, including overhauling its rules, administration, gender equality and operations.

    Fila president, Nenad Lalovic, said the IOC would not regret its decision: "With this vote, you have shown that the steps we have taken to improve our sport have made a difference.


    Squash is out of Olympics. Can you believe this?

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    9/10/2013 9:43pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I'm getting real tired of yer ****, Olympics.
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    9/11/2013 1:43pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Yeah! In your face, SQUASH!!!!!

    I can't believe this was even up for debate. Talk about screwing the biggest, ugliest dog they could find.

    "Hey, while we're at it lets nix Track and Field too..." Dafuq, mang?


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