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    Quick question on synchronizing footwork with a basic 1,2

    Hi, I'm a very beginner level boxer and have started adding some punches to my repertoire, but one thing I've been struggling to get a handle on is when exactly my punches should be landing, in respect of my footwork or current step.

    Both my past gym and current gym suggested complete greenhorns move in then punch when starting off with footwork to help avoid separating the feet too far or losing power on the straight, but where they differed is on punching while moving.

    1. My old boxing gym (And also my old MT gym) would suggest you throw the jab while stepping in with the lead foot, and aim to land the jab at full extension as the left-lead foot lands and forward momentum is complete. Then a follow up straight would land as the right-rear foot moves in to match the now extended left-lead foot, ideally landing at full extension right as the right-rear foot lands to bring your feet back together.
    ....This basically gives the appearance of punching as you step

    2. My current gym suggests not landing the jab until the second foot or right-rear foot has landed and the jab seems to come with more force as your entire body is behind it. This also means that by the time the jab is landing, both feet are back to neutral (instead of spread apart as in 1.) and so you can immediately throw the straight with power from being planted or move again on the straight by circling right.

    1. Is jab lands as left foot moves forward, straight lands as right foot moves forward

    2. Is jab lands as entire body or rather, both feet move foward, then when set down with both feet back at neutral distance/stance, the straight is thrown fully planted.
    (If you're stepping slowly instead of doing a small glide you'd think of it as jabbing as the second/rear/right foot lands, not the first/lead/left foot)

    It would seem to me that 1. is ideal for landing the jab as fast as possible and as a complete surprise, but then it becomes shittier for follow up as the straight is slowed down, there's less options for right power shots (feet too far), and less ease to circle-left jab or circle-right straight since, again, your feet are separated immediately after the jab.
    Hell even trying to double up on the left would be shittier in method 1. since after the first jab, your feet are now seperated and the right foot must slide in before another jab can be thrown.

    I was curious how other people on the forum handle basic footwork and if they have any opinion on these two different approaches to very basic punching. I'm just starting sparring again and only throwing straights so I'm trying to get a better feel for what works best for me, and while I currently like the 2. method, I wanted some feedback on anyone who punches differently.
    It also seems like my jab is stronger with 2, albeit slower, so the benefits extend beyond follow up speed supplanting initial punch speed, but I figure someone with real sparring or fighting experience could espouse the virtues of each, and maybe suggest other tools to try.
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