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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Monday Motivation: Broader Shoulders

    What fighter asks for weaker opponents? The best seek to get stronger, quicker, to improve their skills, in order to defeat tougher ones.

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    8/12/2013 7:59am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I ask not for a bigger T-Shirt but for a smaller stomach.
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    8/12/2013 9:58am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    To the universe I cry, "You hit like an epileptic ten-year-old!"
    And lo, Kano looked down upon the field and saw the multitudes. Amongst them were the disciples of Uesheba who were greatly vexed at his sayings. And Kano spake: "Do not be concerned with the mote in thy neighbor's eye, when verily thou hast a massive stick in thine ass".

    --Scrolls of Bujutsu: Chapter 5 vs 10-14.


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