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    9/10/2013 8:32pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by new2bjj View Post
    Nice find on the thresher. It is interesting that you almost never see the 2 section staff demo'd or in movies. It seems more practical than the 3 section.
    You may have already answered your own question there.
    Practicality could well be the issue since the momentum created from the length of the main staff would make a sold bludgeoning strike deadly very easily.
    Remember you are talking about a flail, you can't pull blows like you can with a sword.

    This is the same reason it is difficult to show quarter staff safely, basic techniques with an 8' piece of oak or ash has a wonderful tendency to be lethal, though even then you have some ability to pull the blow if you don't mind training that habit.

    Quote Originally Posted by new2bjj View Post
    Look at Hsing Yi, Tai Chi and Pa Kua, as well as Ba Ji. You rarely if ever see those systems in the movies, yet they were very popular with security guards in ancient China.
    I wager the list could go on for a long time listing functional arts (and not so functional arts) which have been left by the wayside due to social change, technological development and lack of exposure in popular culture.
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    9/11/2013 8:50am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    As far as the movies go, they could always use PVC pipe, like the staffs in Tai Chi Master with Jet Li. Anyway, I was watching some sets of Whip Chain with the old school, heavy chains, and sections, and the look like they would be a lot more discouraging then the ones used now.Again, that was a very interesting article on the western versions of weapons. Thanks!
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