Hey guys and girls, I'm a new poster here. I probably mistakenly posted this in the CMA section, so I'll repost it here now that I know this subforum exists.

I'm moving to Los Angeles in a few weeks, and I'm looking to continue training in CMA. Only problem is I can't find a school that looks "alive", at least the way I understand the term. I tried searching on these forums but nothing particularly useful came up.

I'm not particularly attached to any single style, as long as it's rooted in traditional CMA and it works. I should mention that I'm not too keen on ground fighting (I understand the importance of it, just don't enjoy it that much), so a school that mostly focuses on ground fighting would be a bad fit. That isn't to say that it never even touches ground fighting, because I assume that any good school would acknowledge it and at least discuss it a little bit.

Los Angeles is pretty big, so I'll narrow it down to West LA. Hopefully that's not too limiting; I've read on this forum that there are supposedly really good schools around here.