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    7/04/2013 11:04am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by DarkPhoenix View Post
    Okay, as someone who has been doing Judo and TKD for a long time, I wanted to start doing some sorta knife training for fun. I did an intro to Pekiti Tirsia a few weeks back and found a local instructor who studied under Bill McGrath so I wanted to see what it was like. It seemed interesting and considering there isn't much in the way of FMA or other knife fighting in my area, it may be my only choice.
    Like every other martial art it is heavily dependent on the instructor. PTK in the US is taught through different curriculum depending on lineage and what GT Gaje was focusing on at the time, but the fundamental methods remain the same.

    PTK is known for its knife work, some groups can get too drill centric, but even if that particular school does over do it with drilling, it will provide a comprehensive exposure to weapon based arts. I do like to look for schools that get beyond the drills and work on sparring regularly.
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    7/05/2013 6:36am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Thanks for the info guys. The fact that they spar at this place has me hooked already. They are small classes (between 4 and 8 students), so if the technique isn't being applied properly, Mike, the instructor, makes sure to show you the right one.

    He's definitely part of Pekiti Tirsia International and came highly recommended from a few people I know, due to how he teaches and the fact that he is one of Bill McGrath's students.


    Good times so far.
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    ... Ohhhhhhhh, I'm going to make hate to you so hard that your kinfolk back in Africa will feel it.l
    Quote Originally Posted by Archer
    Karate is the Dane Cook of martial arts
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    7/24/2013 2:11pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by DerAuslander View Post
    If it's under McGrath, you could learn some good stuff.

    If it's under Gaje's PTK Global Org...I'd avoid it. I find the environment to be unhealthy psychologically.
    Truth be told, there are quite a few Pekiti Tirsia instuctors who could teach you a lot of good stuff. Others, not so much. No organization has a corner on good, or poor instructors.

    The PTK Global Org is too big and wide ranging to be considered "an environment", and to have a homogenous psychological profile it would have to be smaller and more cult like. GT Gaje likes to talk and write and it is easy to perceive the wrong idea but he just loves what he does and it is infectious.

    Lastly, despite what you would like to believe, the system is still solidly in place in the military and police training in the Philippines.
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