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    6/26/2013 6:52pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Martial Arts Van Driver Denied Bond On Drunk Driving Charge

    Martial Arts Van Driver Denied Bond On Drunk Driving Charge

    A Chesterfield woman, facing multiple charges after allegedly driving a van carrying martial arts students while drunk, was denied bond in court Wednesday.

    Kristina L. Mangrum is charged with DUI and seven counts of child endangerment for the incident, which happened Tuesday morning. Police said Mangrum was transporting children to Martial Arts World in Chesterfield when she was pulled over.

    According to court documents, Mangrum blew a .30 on a breathalyzer when she was pulled over. She blew a .27 when she was booked at the jail, documents said.

    Police said Mangrum was the mother of two of the children on the van.

    Officials with Martial Arts World said they have since fired Mangrum.

    "Martial Arts World of Brandermill takes this issue VERY seriously," Martial Arts World said in a statement. "The employee has been let go, and we are conducting an internal investigation. Again, the safety of our children & families are our highest priority."

    Mangrum has had previous driving infraction convictions in Chesterfield, including speeding, following too closely and failure to obey a highway sign.

    Mangrum is expected back in court in August.


    Very scary for parents! Make sure you check into the school before you trust them.

    Also comments in the article link are sure something.
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    6/27/2013 1:24am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Driving as part of her job and they didn't check her driving record? How much you want to bet they where not carrying the right amount and type of insurance either.
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    6/27/2013 1:56pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Situations like this, I hope they throw the book at her. Not only was she endangering traffic in general, but her two children AND other children in the van. Obviously, those children's lives aren't worth it to her so maybe hers shouldn't be valued either.


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