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Thread: Choosing a dog

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by doofaloofa View Post
    That's cute, what's her name?
    Lady Planetwrecker, Princess of Destruction.

    ...if I had my way. Unfortunately my wife named her "Honey".

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Pretty sure that was floating around in my subconscious; huge Gary Larson fan.

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by erezb View Post
    How would you discipline your rotty pup? lets say she keeps jumping on top of the bed?
    BTW can you upload some pics of your cross? sounds amazing.
    Please dont let your rottie pup jump up and down from beds or sofa's or even walk up stairs. Their joints are to soft and rotties can suffer with hip and elbow problems anyway when fully grown. As a pup they bulk up and the stress of growth puts strain on their jounts as it is without excessive running and jumping.

    Teach them basic commands, if his jumping on the bed id use off while picking her up and placing her on the floor, she should learn off pretty quicky, try no to scold a puppy too much its better to use praise and treat them.

    But if she was chewing furniture or something she should have id reconmend disciplining her using a tool , personall id never strike my dog as it supposedly leads them not to trust you. The tool you use will depend on what your dog doesnt like, some dogs hate having water squirted at them so a quick squirt with a water pistol while shouting the no or leave command will re enfoce the command. As a puppy my rottie never liked loud bangs si i made a rattle out of an enpty coke can with sime stones in it. When they have stopped misbehaving give them a command like sit then treat them.

    Again a puppy obedience class will teach you all these things.

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