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    Quote Originally Posted by goshinbudoJJ View Post
    I thought the same BKR

    That bond is absurd given the severity of the charges he's facing.
    A bond reduction was probably part of the O.R. agreement, with the prosecution trying to salvage something.
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Update on everyone's favorite piece of ****, Joseph Louf:


    Judge seems to be playing hardball with him. Forcing him to admit guilt if he wants to enter a plea. Sounds like the best Joseph can hope for is 5 years in state pen.

    "I don’t do Alford pleas,” said Lowy, referring to the Supreme Court decision allowing defendants to plead guilty but maintain that they did not commit the crime. “There is not much in this world more pernicious than an Alford plea in a domestic violence case,” Lowy said.

    But Lowy called the prosecutor’s request “more than reasonable” and said the lowest sentence he would consider is five years in state prison, “if he accepts responsibility.”
    “Batterer’s treatment is as useless as can be if he doesn’t admit he did it,” said Lowy, referring to one of the conditions Louf would also face.
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