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    Poetry yo!

    And now, a poem from Heydawg about mcdojos:

    I started doing MMA
    and much to my dismay
    I realized that my last two years
    didn't help me from being blown away

    My taekwondo did not help
    in the octagon ring
    it pissed me off a lot
    when my head kept being dinged

    I was sparring another new MMA charge
    and he told me before
    that though he was quite large
    he had never sparred before

    So my question to you, from Heydawg yo
    anyone here had to start over after training at a mcdojo?

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I practiced choy li fut.
    My footwork was not mobile.
    I learned to punch straight or in a circle
    But never in an oval.

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I'm not entirely of one mind
    About the club I left behind:
    I still have lots of friends there, but
    The senseis were a little nuts.

    "In here we throw," one said to me,
    "With spiritual energy."
    She credited to vague mystique
    What I would just call good technique.

    Another had the gall to say
    About the sport of MMA,
    "That's not a fight!" -- he thinks us fools
    Who think that fighting can have rules.

    I've no idea how he'd know:
    He's only studied aikido.
    A fight would be as strange to him
    As texting or a nose-hair trim.

    I found a new club just last year:
    Not perfect, but I like it here.
    There's no pretense or politics
    And no one's teaching magic tricks.

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