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If i wanted a ridiculous hand cannon, i already know exactly which one i'd get: This http://www.ruger.com/products/superR...an/models.html in 454 Casull.
(We don't have bears or snakes, but wth, right?)
I've got the .480 Ruger model with a long-ass barrel for the sole and express purpose of hunting down in southern Indiana where there are wild pigs and only then because I got an awesome deal on it along with the stuff to cast and load my own bullets for pretty cheap. It's a very nice revolver, no complaints about it and it even handles the recoil admirably, probably because it's such a huge chunk of steel to begin with and the iron sights on it a quite nice as well. It has a tendency to break scopes with the recoil, though. I wouldn't buy one at MSRP, though and it certainly wouldn't be my first, second, third or fouth choice for home defense. The only thing below it is the .22s, my bolt-action rifles and maybe my girlfriend's lever-action 30-30.