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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Hey Neal and all, I'm back!

    Formerly FighterJones...the dude who ran truthmartialarts back like....7 years ago.
    Neal, That took too much work. I gotta give you credit for running this place.
    Anyways guys I'm glad to be back. At the moment I'm just training in kyokushin and BJJ.
    Anyways, does anyone remember me?

    Competition videos (wrestling, mma, kickboxing)
    m.youtube.com/user/carpenocturnum?&desktop_uri=%2Fuser%2Fcarpenocturn um
    I'd post the normal URL but my iPad is being a pain in the ass
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Have you tried password reset? You really should be using your old account.


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