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    4/12/2013 9:39am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Bill Cooper: mystery babylon

    I read behold a pale horse a few years ago. At the time I really liked it.
    Recently I had an eye surgery that left me blind for almost three weeks. During that time I listened to every "mystery babylon" on the Hour of the Time radio show by Bill Cooper that I could find online. I really liked the ones on Albert Pike and the masons, the mystery of fulcanelli, and the series on Hiram Abiff and the assassins was maybe my favorite.
    I definitely think the dude is as crazy as he is informative and entertaining. The programs themselves bring you to another place.
    Has anyone listened to the Hour of the Time or the mystery babylon series? If so what were your thoughts?
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    5/06/2013 4:05pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I read Behold a Pale Horse back in the 90s and while it's totally ridiculous it's kinda really entertaining if you treat it as fiction (Silent Weapons for Silent Wars is such a great name for an evil bad guy document). I hadn't heard of Mystery Babylon before - I'll definitely check it out.


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