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    4/09/2013 7:09pm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vieux Normand View Post
    That museum have anything on the Akron and the Macon?

    I've always been interested in airships.

    I know, I know--but before you roll your eyes any more:

    Did you know that something like two-thirds of the people on board the Hindenberg walked away from its crash?

    I'm guessing that a 747, blowing up and crashing from the same height, would not likely have left any survivors.
    I don't specifically recall those names, but I do remember some airships in the World War I display, so that aspect of flight is accounted. The museum is a little overwhelming, and we had about four hours to get through it all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by k_raben View Post
    At my local liquor store to buy some beer and Bulleitt Rye (Great Bourbon for for about $25.00)
    Not to nit-pick (ok, I'm nit-picking), but while Bulleitt does make some fine bourbon, rye whiskey is not bourbon. Bulleitt Rye comes in the bottle with the green label, and their bourbon has an orange label. While I, too, am a fan of the rye, both make a fine Manhattan.
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    4/10/2013 7:43am

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaquero de las nalgas View Post
    Never heard of Ryu Tai. In the Buj we called it Junan Taiso. It's a stretching routine. It's even referred to that in Jack Hoban's first book. Steven Hayes copies everything from the Buj for his own systems ( Quest and Toshindo ). I guess he needed another DVD sale.

    As far as the photograph goes, I'm thinking they reversed it to fit on the cover.

    I've been told when Hayes was still part of Bujinkan, the sword training was made up, as in, he made it up because he hadn't learned it in Japan. Weapons seem to be a real draw for people, even yours truly. Swords are good marketing.
    Yeah Junan Taiso and Ryu tai undo is either used interchangeable or JT is said to be a subset of RTU. I've heard both overr the years.
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