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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by DerAuslander View Post
    English, plz.
    Joking after reading this...this school has the perfect back door kung fu delivery system.

    First, run a good MMA/Sanshou program...

    Then like giving out free crack, introduce doaist forms and shaolin stances. The spellbound MMAers will just lap it up, they'll turn for sure.

    Total Human Development

    My school has recently changed and expanded so it is in this vein that I feel it was time to put into words our mission statement and philosophy. The term Total Human Development needs to be understood. This is a concept found in very few facilities. Iím not saying this to belittle any other school or to give our school an elite status, Iím saying this because we focus on our students differently and it might seem strange the first time you come to a class. Body, mind and spirit are the core from which we work and we encourage everyone to strive and develop all of these aspects.

    The body is the first area of focus. Physical conditioning in our circuit classes, combat classes and private training is essential and follows the lessons laid down by an Indian monk who first travelled to the Shaolin temple over 1500 years ago, combined with physical conditioning learned over my last 33 years. The basic idea being that if the body wasnít healthy, one couldnít endure the training required to reach enlightenment. A neglected body is ravaged by age, mistreatment and injury that sidetracks or even stops one from ever reaching their spiritual potential. There are numerous benefits to physical fitness and most today are aware of them such as looking good, confidence, self-defense, martial prowess etc. However these are things that are bonuses on the path and shouldnít be the reason for them. It is the first stage in becoming more than what you are. One day your physical body will begin to decline, if you are in better shape the transition to this will be easier and you wonít need to rely on hospitals, medicine and assistance as those that have neglected their own fitness. Our Body programs or classes consist of three levels, circuit training is level one and combines basic exercises, plyometric exercises and cardio. Level two is strength and conditioning which builds on the level one foundation adding in Olympic lifts, power lifts and heavier weights. Level three is Elite, building on level twoís success while adding in bone crushing weights, killer drills, high volume and elite athlete training. This is the level for pro athletes and fighters, but isnít exclusive to those career pros, one simply has to earn their way in the old fashion way, hard work and dedication.

    The Mind programs centre on traditional disciplines such as meditation, Qigong and Kung Fu. The purpose of these programs and classes are to train a person to listen to their internal dialogue, break through negative patterns and become a better functioning human being. Meditation is a very important tool that everyone should be using regardless of his or her career choice. We use sports visualization as well as Taoist and Buddhist meditations primarily. Call it what you want, visualization or meditation will make you better. I find it is the discipline most people avoid, especially those that need it the most. Kung Fu and traditional arts have taken a beating in this modern age of mixed martial arts, but I think they serve an important purpose. One learns discipline, respect and dedication as well as strengthening the body at the same time, why should we have to choose modern over traditional? Why not use both. That is what we do. Not everyone will compete in fighting so we choose to focus on development instead of awards or titles. Funny enough, we still manage to accrue quite a few of them anyway. I have worked with professional athletes in hockey, mma, kickboxing, soccer, football and volleyball to name a few. The mind is the area most needed as it is neglected or misinformed by a lot of professional teams these days. All of my athletes have benefited from the Mind lessons we teach, in fact most keep in touch as they go off to other cities and countries to play the sports just to maintain their focus and benefit their game.

    Spirit is a focus found interspersed throughout all the things that we do at Wuji Systems, it is that important. We also focus on this through one-on-one sessions. Some call this therapy, some call it life coaching, I just think itís an important part of training anyone these days. The spirit must be pushed and strengthened if one is hoping to achieve their potential in fitness, sports or life.

    Ultimately, we hope that everyone who trains with us gets exposed to all three of these focuses; body, mind, spirit. It means that you are training all the aspects of what it means to be human. It means you understand your strengths and your weaknesses and the ties that bind us all together as a human family. It means Total Human Development. We believe in it. You should as well.
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     Style: BJJ/C-JKD/KAAALIII!!!!!!!

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by W. Rabbit View Post
    Joking after reading this...this school has the perfect back door kung fu delivery system.

    First, run a good MMA/Sanshou program...

    Then like giving out free crack, introduce doaist forms and shaolin stances. The spellbound MMAers will just lap it up, they'll turn for sure.
    That's not a back door delivery.

    It's how motherfucking kung fu or any other TMA should be taught!!!
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