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    5/21/2013 2:04pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by calmPsycho View Post
    The male 6 pack is probably the equivalent of having a models figure for a woman.
    I prefer a woman with the 6 pack.
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by legomepanda View Post
    I prefer a woman with the 6 pack.
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    6/23/2014 11:36pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Probably my ignorance, but...

    ****, I'm probably necroing this thread didn't check the date but I really feel I can add to this answer...

    I am like 90% certain that the muscles that form that "V" are the hip extensors. Which are pretty easy to target, really.

    I didn't even so much as Google this, so please, allow me the chance to explain my experience with this and reasons for thinking this way. TL;DR at bottom will explain my actual point.

    I was a "self-taught" martial artist for the longest time, and began to teach myself various types of roundhouse kicks. I actually got pretty decent at them (you know, for starting basically from the ground up), but because I started having more success with my right side than left, I unintentionally under-trained the living hell out of the left side, which left me with an insanely disproportional left calf and hip extensor. Seriously, it was pure madness how massive the size difference was. Wasn't doing many other lower-body exercises at the time, the kicks were really the only thing developing that area.

    After I noticed the difference and how weird it looked (I actually don't think I can emphasize enough how fucking crazy the difference was), I started doing way more calf exercises on that side, and recently, hip extensor exercises. front kicks and leg chambers with a 5-10 pound weight on the leg, high knees, anything that raises the upper leg towards the abdomen.

    They're just about even now, after putting far more effort into the left leg. Calves'll never be even, is what I've accepted as fact now. But they're a lot closer.

    On the subject of them being hip extensors, I think that's why it's called a "swimmer's V" or whatever. Massive repetitions of the legs being extended , with the legs for the most part straight, is a major part of high-speed strokes (butterfly, freestyle). What with the additional water resistance on the entire leg, I can see how swimming would develop them until they are so pronounced. Also, burning carbs and fat and all that good ****, swimmers are skinny as hell.

    TL;DR: Any exercise which involves moving your upper leg towards your abdomen will work the "V." Try to do ones with a straight leg. Additionally, do ones from the side as well to get a belt of raw muscle, I'm about to start doing that.
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