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    [UPDATE] UFC Fighter Shane Del Rosario NOT QUITE DEAD From Massive Stroke

    Heavyweight Del Rosario dies

    Shane Del Rosario was stopped by Stipe Miocic last year. (C) Getty Images

    [UPDATED] - Del Rosario not dead, off life support. Article below kept for archival purposes.

    Heavyweight Shane Del Rosario has died after suffering sudden cardiac arrest at his home on Tuesday morning.

    Doctors at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Newport Beach, California, modulated Del Rosario's body temperature near 90 degrees Fahrenheit using an Arctic Sun Temperature Management System, in hopes of inducing a therapeutic hypothermia and restarting his body and brain functions. But it was confirmed on Thursday that he has died.

    Del Rosario's coach Colin Oyama posted on Facebook: "The Del Rosario family and I, and all of our family, team-mates and friends thank everyone for their prayers and support. God has a different path for Shane to take and instead has chosen to take Him away from us to be with his forefathers in Heaven. Yet through all of this our Faith in GOD remains unwavering."

    According to a statement released by Del Rosario's family and doctors, the 30-year-old suffered a catastrophic cardiovascular collapse and was brought to the hospital in full cardiac arrest. He was resuscitated in the emergency room back to a stable heart rhythm and blood pressure.

    Sherdog.com reported that UFC flyweight and roommate Ian McCall found Del Rosario. McCall called 911 and administered CPR to Del Rosario.

    Under Oyama's tutelage, Del Rosario stopped the first 11 fighters he faced in MMA competition before being badly injured in April 2011 when a drunken driver struck his car from behind.

    During a 14-month absence, herniated disks prompted contemplation of retirement. Del Rosario fought on and entered the UFC in May 2012, only to get stopped by Stipe Miocic. That was followed by a knockout loss last in December to Pat Barry.


    Shane Kalani del Rosario (September 23, 1983 - November 28, 2013). Only 30 years old.
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    **** news. I feel sorry for his family.

    Not actually gonna say it, but the autopsy could turn out to be interesting.

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    Reports of Shane Del Rosario's demise are exceedingly early. Even on his coach's page there was something apparently preemptive. He remains in critical care with some movement like squeezing his mother's hand.

    The source article at ESPN.co.uk has now been taken down.
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Shane Del Rosario Taken Off Life Support, Shows Signs of Brain Activity


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