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    The Fightin'ist Dr. (or "Judo Wins Again")

    Dr. Who that is. The third Doctor to be specific. (Jon Pertwee)

    Pictured: 'Ery day in da STREETS

    While most of the Doctor's incarnations have been too geriatric, pacifistic or simply metro-sexual to dish out a decent ass whooping on the regular, Dr. #3 aparently suffered from no such "scrotal integrity" dillemas.

    Boasting boxing instruction from Jack Dempsy himself (noice!), Karate from Mars (Huh?)and Aikido from Venus (dafuq?) Doctor #3 was a pioneer in fusion martial arts. Whenever challenged Pertwee never hesitated to deliver the pain. The horribly choreographed, slow as sloths fucking, judo-throwing latex monsters through cheap cardboard props, PAIN.

    Behold, The Third Doctor utilising mixed martial arts to kick ass through space and time! Mr. Pertwee, take it away:
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