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    3/07/2013 8:09am


    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Given that the Snopes page includes a total repudiation of the story by NAM-POW along with a request that people stop spreading the bullshit story, what exactly do you think is left to be done, other than further annoy the 7 POWs (or however many of them are still with us) who have endlessly denied that these things ever happened?

    I mean, I understand that it is hard to believe that there would be a fake story on facebook, with its rigorous editorial policies, but somehow, I'll take the word of the men who were there over what somebody claims somebody said 37 years ago but they have saved until now to post on facebook.

    This insult to American POWs in Viet Nam belongs in Trollshido for sure.
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    3/07/2013 9:25am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    My favorite part of the Snopes page was the president of NAM-POWs statement:

    Quote Originally Posted by Mick McGrath
    Please assist by not propagating this story. Fonda did enough bad things to assure her a correct place in the garbage dumps of history. We don't want to be party to false stories, which could be used as an excuse that her real actions didn't really happen either.
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