Sounds like yet another reason to not move to Canada..

Seriously though, it is important for you to know your rights as a citizen wherever you live. One of my most memorable encounters involved being stopped while riding my bike for not having a light on the back (I had one on the front). There were two cops who got out and talked to me, one did all the talking while the other one observed. The cop in question was extremely polite during the first part of our encounter as he ran through the typical questions.. Do you have any weapons or illegal drugs on you? No sir. Do you mind if I check? Yes sir, I do. At this point he tried to say I threw something out as they got behind me. No sir, I did not. His attitude turned sour as he wrote me a warning and told me "he knew what I was up to" and they would "get me eventually" and he would give me a ticket if he saw me riding home even that night. Bottom line.. he had no legal right to search me, I was aware of this, exercised my right as a citizen, and that pissed him off.