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    7/30/2013 1:03am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by Iron-E View Post
    hello there fellow artists of the martial kind!
    after writing a youtube message to "studypatterns",
    on sending, youtube notified me it's not possible.
    so i'd like to share the message here
    since this thread is related to it,
    if you will allow me to do so.


    title: free will

    hello fellow researcher,
    i just saw some of your videos,
    which are very well made
    in my opinion.

    while watching, a question came to my mind
    and i wanted to convey it to you
    in hope of a response,
    yet i'd like to leave that up to you.

    do you believe that
    if a student of martial arts
    is willing to participate in a fight
    and fully aware of the possible consequences,
    and a teacher asks this student to attack him/her,
    is it moral or does it do justice to the student
    if this student agrees to participate
    with respect to free will?

    thank you :)

    p.s. in my life i have met both good and bad people
    in various areas of (competitive) martial arts.
    films such as 'the karate kid' (1984),
    which is actually one of my youth favorites,
    also accurately demonstrates abuse of the dojo sensei.

    p.s.2. i have experienced abuse for many years
    and am now learning (or remembering)
    how to use chi/energy, not for attack or defense,
    but how to be more compassionate towards attackers.


    although i have noticed that most (or all) of the teachers in the videos depicted on:
    - youtube -> user -> STUDYPATTERNS -> videos
    are actually legitimate, and provide great info,
    i have noticed that there are also many teachers who are not,
    most of them obviously not allowing any videos to be taken during these practices.

    perhaps interesting to note that i am integrating a natural chi method
    that closely resembles what Dondrup Dorje teaches here:
    - youtube -> watch -> S6KxA6H4aUg

    note: since i am a new member,
    the forum does not allow me to post links.
    Not sure if serious...
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    7/30/2013 11:24am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Meh, if you wanna see some kids get fucked up hardcore, go check out some cheerleading camps.
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