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No, that part is only curious to you. I was able to find evidence of your site and bio a few years earlier (09/'10) but no further. But I've moved on to the more interesting bits.

Curious to me is why I am finding so many aliases, including the profile on the Eastern European social network.. But before we get to that...


There are quite a few things that still don't add up.

Your favorite movies list includes "Avatar" which came out in 2009.

The cameras mentioned were released in 2009/2008 respectively:

Then there's this site from 2010: http://open.salon.com/blog/doccraig

Which says at the bottom

and has this as your bio picture:

And then there's your VK.com bio using the alias "Craig Callan": http://vk.com/id29050234

and has this as your bio picture:

And I'm jealous now because that site is full of hot Russian girls who think your (photoshopped) tribal tattoo is "super".

So now you can obviously explain all these as well as your multiple aliases (Grantley Craig Adams, Craig Callan, Craig Callan Adams).

I'm assuming it's those same medical students who registered you on salon.com and vk.com?

Right now I am teetering between you being a terrible liar, or a victim of a Russian identity theft ring, but those are obviously just theories.
Holy **** that is an owning. Fucking attention to fucking detail. Bravo, Rabbit.