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  1. jasculs is offline

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    1/07/2013 5:33pm

     Style: BJJ

    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    VID - 49 Kimura & Americana Attacks In Less Than 6 Min - J Scully


    Back again with another "Short But Sweet" reference video. What do I mean when I say short but sweet. These videos are short videos in length but filled with a ton of ideas and demonstrations.

    If you haven't seen my others videos like this, be sure to find my YouTube channel and check them out. There are a lot!

    This one covers one of the most common submissions in the game….KEYLOCKS! In this category you'll find Americanas and Kimuras from a ton of different situations.

    I could have gone a few directions with this video and I decided to focus solely on ways to attack and finish the submissions, not to use them as combinations to other submissions or positions. Maybe I'll make a video on that subject in the future.

    For now I hope you enjoy the techniques and that you find something that fits into your game. There are….49 Americana and Kimura Attacks in Less Than 6 Minutes! So plenty to see and in a short time where you can easily review them over and over again.

    Thank you for your support,

    Jason Scully
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    Posted On:
    1/14/2013 9:43pm

     Style: BJJ/Zumba

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Thanks a lot, again, Jason for this awesome series.

    After watching this I've really started thinking and going for more kimura attacks from as many places as I can, and I think it's really IMPROVED my rolling. I've been adding them in to attack chains that I hadn't really thought of before, and seeing these and finishing them A LOT MORE when rolling in general.

    I dunno what happened exactly, but had a few things click together with this and some other elements I've been watching, and it's made my rolling and attacks move up another step. Especially the 'walking in' while you finish it to add the pressure.

    One that I did have a question about is the kimura from top half guard, I can't really see your leg position, when trying this I have been usually swept before, it looks like you do a little hop and come up strong to both your knees in the top half as you go to lock it on, is this correct and stops your base destabilising?
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    Miyagi: Feeling correct.

    Daniel: You sure know how to make a guy feel confident.

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