Some nice articles by Violet Li in the Examiner:

The fearless Tai Chi master Chen Ziqiang

Naturally he started Tai Chi training at the very young age of four. He is fluent in all Chen Style forms and weapons. His preferences are Tai Chi Push Hands and San Shou (a full body contact sport, including kicking, punching, and grabbing). He participated in large formal Tai Chi tournaments since he was 19-years old.
At 5’5” (165 centimeters) and 132 pounds (60 kilograms), Master Chen seems extremely small in front of his western students. Greg Pomerantz, who helped to organize the workshop in New York, said that Master Chen had no fear, he sparred with anyone
(I'm heartened to see that Mr Powerantz's YouTube channel includes not only taiji footage, but also a video of himself deadlifting 415 lbs at a bodyweight of 157 lbs. In the comments thread for one of the videos, someone asks "Did you ever get a chance to ask Chen Ziqiang about his personal weightlifting program?" Yes, Virginia, fighting champions from Chen village lift weights too.)

Does Tai Chi have any real martial art value?

The gentle-looking Chen Zhicheng is a student of Master Wang Zhanjun. In the west, Wang Zhanjun may not be as well known as other 12th generation Chen Style Tai Chi inheritors. Born to Grandmaster Wang Xian, he is an undefeated heavyweight Lai Tai champion in national and international tournaments. He continued to compete even though he was the oldest one on the Lei Tai. Wang Zhanjun also trained many other Tai Chi martial artists gold medalists in Lei Tai and Push Hands tournaments.
(Includes video links to the finals, which have already been posted to Bullshido by Rivington.)