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    11/05/2012 9:08pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    The mohawk guy was really kinda disgusting to watch, and I felt bad for the guys in the house having to deal with that ****. Does TUF have some type of enforcer **** in case someone loses their mind like that and decides to just straight up murder everyone in their sleep, or take them off the show if they are looking psychologically unhinged? Kind of sucks they have to handle something like that where he's blackout drunk raging...

    The next day when he spoke to the camera about it with a smile, what a fucking cock: "Dr Jekkyl and Mr Hyde, herp derp, yeahhh". He should be making up that **** for the rest of the show and taking care of everyone. I'm glad his two job working pregnant girlfriend has that to look forward to when he gets out of the house.

    Also, what the ****, "Let me bang your kid, man": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkN8V...tailpage#t=11s
    Daniel: I don't know if I know enough karate.

    Miyagi: Feeling correct.

    Daniel: You sure know how to make a guy feel confident.

    Miyagi: You trust the quality of what you know, not quantity.
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    11/27/2012 3:35pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    You know, I guess I don't understand how the UFC brass don't seem to understand their target demographic. The show has been on a ratings decline for several seasons now, and each season (it seems) we see less training, and more drunken... whatever you want to call it... It seems obvious to me that show is getting worse and worse, and moving steadily further away from what I (at least) am interested in seeing. I wouldn't order the ppv's if they consisted of idiots getting drunk and punching holes in walls and screaming at each other. I order the PPV's to watch people compete in my favorite sport. I'd love to watch a TUF that showed the training and work that goes on behind the scenes. I'd be happy if we never even got to see the house. Come on UFC, fix this before it's dead and gone.
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