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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Mr. Janez Janša
    Every single politic
    Most of the managers and directors
    The Pope
    Religious extremists
    All sorts of extremists
    Crossbow haters
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Tom McFeely

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    This man was a developer back in the Celtic Tiger years, alas not a very good one

    He built a housing development called Priory Hall, but did such a **** job that the houses were deemed unsafe to live in due to fire risks. Unfortunately this was only discovered after the houses were sold

    Now 256 resident of the houses are homeless for a year and this fat prick has gone AWOL, claiming bankrupcy in England (despite being a 'commited Irish Republican')

    Good job Tom you heartless bastad

    Oh yes, well done Dublin City Council for totally failing these people by not inspecting the buildings before they were allowed to be sold
    Considered in the abstract the boxing ring is an altar of sorts, one of those legendary spaces where the laws of a nation are suspended: inside the ropes, during an officially regulated three-minute round, a man may be killed by his opponent's hands but he cannot be legally murdered. Boxing inhabits a sacred space predating civilization; or, to use D.H. Lawrence's phrase, before God was love. If it suggests a savage ceremony or a rite of atonement it also suggests the futility of such gestures. For what possible atonement is the fight waged if it must shortly be waged again... and again? The boxing match is the very image, the more terrifying for being so stylized, of mankind's collective aggression; its ongoing historical madness.
    Joyce Carol Oates, On Boxing
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