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  1. Bronze Judo statue from Czech Republic

    Bronze Judo statue from Czech Republic


    This statue was created by a foundry in Horní Kalná, Czech Republic. Looks like a replica of a wooden statue by Sophie Dickens (http://www.sophiedickens.co.uk/) , great-granddaughter of the writer Charles Dickens.
    Excerpts from http://czechhouselondon.cz/aktuality...czech-republic

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    I gotta learn not to release my likeness to be reproduced without royalties.
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    Ups to Battlefields for dropping the sage wisdom.

    You are like a Pimp Yoda.
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    Battlefields... You're more of a man than I am.
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    That is just SO cool. What a beautifully done piece of art. What wonderful movement, what a wonderful encapsulation of the power, intricacy, and physicality of our sport.

    Of course, nothing like this would ever- in a gazillion light years- be put up in America, since the vast majority of people here don't know what Judo is. And if it did somehow get displayed, someone would lodge a complaint that there's a depiction of two men acting inappropriately within 300 yards of a school.

    But I digress... anyway, thank you for sharing this image- I am quite impressed by this work.
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