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  1. ninoblanco is offline

    Join Date
    Aug 2012

    Posted On:
    8/12/2012 9:16pm

    Bullshido Newbie
     Style: ju bushi do

    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    talent gone

    have any one heard or seen phillip pigg he left the circuit without a trail what a waste talent.
  2. dflanmod is offline

    Registered Member

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    Feb 2009
    San Diego CA

    Posted On:
    8/15/2012 9:55pm

     Style: BJJ

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Don't know how I missed this one.

    Phillip Pigg posted here a time or two. Unfortunately he had some cross words to say to The greatest MA Master alive (Rob Tucker) and since then nobody has heard from him. Kinda like what happened to Jimmy Hoffa.

    Anyways, welcome to Bullshido. You should perhaps introduce yourself in newbie town.


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