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    Quote Originally Posted by Gezere View Post
    Right now Fedor as a much better record than Silva.
    Silva is 32-4-1
    Fedor is 34-4-1 PLUS Fedor as a 25 fight win streak with the likes of Bablu, Gary Goodridge, Mark Hunt, Big Nog, Arloski, Sylva, Lindland, Hunt, Cro Cop, Roidelman, and many more.
    Silva is on a 16 figth streak with some tough fighters as well but on paper Fedor looks better for GOAT.

    Also, Fedor fought at his natural walking-around weight, and was small compared to his peers in the HW division. Silva cuts what...20 or 30 lbs of water weight to fight in the division he dominates?
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by bobyclumsyninja View Post
    Because it's hard to pin it down, even in this young sport, I'm thinking of the GOAT as an electron cloud, with area's of probability.

    There's heavy traffic around Fedor, Anderson, and Hendo is gaining. A FUC...er...UFC belt would bolster the argument greatly, considering what he's already accomplished.
    I agree. The way I see it, Hendo isn't the GOAT, but deserves to be mentioned in a conversation of who the GOAT is, if that makes any sense.

    Quote Originally Posted by bobyclumsyninja View Post
    Now if Hendo were to beat Anderson, and Jones, that would heavily add to his thing, in this type of discussion.
    Definitely. Unlike Fedor, Silva hasn't really shown any signs of slowing down (though people completely discounting Fedor and saying Hendo's win over him wasn't impressive are morons). If Hendo could beat both Jones and Silva at his age that definitely warrants some GOAT contention.
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