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    7/07/2013 2:06pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzy View Post
    It looks like the Shastar Vidya guys are claiming its one of their weapons as well.
    I wouldn't be surprised - first seminar I did with Nidar Singh, he showed us a variety of different stick fighting styles from the area, including Afganistan. It would be a very small jump to saying "we have some familiarity with this"

    And hell, martial artists collect all sorts of weapons. The guy wielding it in the video is actually a silat teacher.
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    7/07/2013 4:46pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I wonder how effective the weapon from the OP would be for fighting? To me it looks like a kama. I've always wondered how well a kama would work for fighting. Seems like it would get stuck in the enemy pretty easily with any type of attack using the tip of the blade. As for slashes, I'm sure it could do some damage but I'd think an ax would be better for combat. I've only seen practice sickle type weapons so i'm not sure which surface is sharpened, the under side? The top? Both? As an improvised combat weapon a sickle will get the job done, but if I were specifically looking for a combat weapon I choose differently. Still I wouldn't mind one of these fold up kamas for the novelty.
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