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    Strike to the spleen

    Not sure where im supposed to post this......A couple months ago I ate a hard kick to the left side (spleen) and of course it killed and took forever to heal. Today I took a hook to the left side and it stopped me in my tracks, it killed like hell, as if I never healed from the first strike. Anyways ,doctors, trainers and everyone just say ice, anti inflamatories and time will heal it. But damn I'm tired of this, have you ever experienced this? Is there anything special I can do? Do you know if it's one of those injuries that once you get hurt it'll be reoccuring?

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Welcome to Bullshido. You should listen to your doctors, not trainers and everyone else. If your injury ruptures, you can be in a world of bad. Have you had a CT?

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I had a ct from the first strike. My doctors and trainers say the same thing by the way. I was just wondering if there anything else I can do. I think I'll start soaking in epsom salts after each sparring session from now on. I also read that vitamin b12 and iron can be useful...


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