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  1. David Avellan is offline

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    Feb 2012
    Miami, FL, USA

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    5/29/2012 4:45pm

     Style: MMA

    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    A Sneaky Submission I Learned From Sambo (Avellan Video)

    Back in the day, we had one of the great sambo masters come to my academy, the Freestyle Fighting Academy.

    It was more by accident that we managed to get him to teach an amazing leg lock seminar. Lot of weird and funny behind the scenes stories as well, LOL!

    This sambo master was a UFC veteran of the old school - Oleg Taktarov!

    He showed this leg lock from the bottom half guard which is super sneaky and easily done after going for a sweep, check it out:


    Believe and Achieve,

    David Avellan


    P.S. > My Live webinar on sweeps is coming up this Saturday at 2:30pm EST. If you haven't registered yet, click the link below to get access:


    P.P.S. > If you haven't seen my first webinar on the guillotine choke, click below to see the recorded version of my webinar:

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    6/02/2012 5:21pm

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     NY Combat Sambo Style: combat sambo

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Yes sir! I love the inverted kneebar from bottom or top 1/2 guard. Thanks for sharing.
    One of the best Bullshido investigations ever written: http://www.bullshido.org/David_Kujawski_Investigation

    "disgruntled ex student who couldn't hack training with Dave and his material and opted out (could be called pussied out) of training to go to Sambo" - Mor Sao


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