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    The passing of a great general


    Norman Schwarzkopf died today at 78, in Tampa FL

    I was just a kid when the Gulf War was declared, when the combat ensued I stayed up all night watching the network news show the air strikes, artillery bombardments, and the mobilization of the attacking forces. Being a child, I didn't really know what was going on, and it was (for lack of a better word)exciting, and a little scary.

    My stepfather was a Vietnam vet, and more than a little batshit. He let me and my brother stay up and watch with him, as he cleaned his firearms(!!!!), and talked about war.

    Later on, Gen. Schwarzkopf, was the only face I could associate with the war, and his actions, voice command, and manner of speaking really impressed me. He was an excellent combat leader, and in his retirement showed remarkable insight into current events.

    A true role model.

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    Stormin Normin! R.I.P.!

    Yeah, I was in middle school and my dad was in the military when it happened. So it was a big deal for us.
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