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    5/16/2012 12:25pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    TKD champion gunned down in ATL

    Sad story today, there was a fatal shooting at the Starlight Six Drive-in Theatre yesterday. Info on the victim has just been released, he is Mitt Lenix, son of Bill and Candy Lenix of Universal Martial Arts in Stockbridge, GA.

    In addition to his TKD resume, he also held a chodan(?) in Judo.

    Just thought I'd post this for you guys, it's a grim reminder that there are thugs and idiots everywhere, and sometimes there's not much you can do. With that being said, not much info has been released at this time, it will be interesting to find out what went down. (I'm sure there are plenty of witnesses)

    At this time, the suspect is still at large.

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    5/16/2012 2:07pm

    Join us... or die
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Yeah, that really sucks! That's the thing I hate the most about guns, they may weaklings strong and cowards brave.
    Combatives training log.

    Gezere: paraphrase from Bas Rutten, Never escalate the level of violence in fight you are losing. :D

    Drum thread

    Pavel Tsatsouline: kettlebell workouts give you “cardio without the dishonour of aerobics”.


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