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  1. Marcos Avellan is offline

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    Nov 2003
    Miami, FL USA

    Posted On:
    4/14/2012 11:47am

     Style: Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    **VIDEO** Cradle Choke by Avellan

    I'm big on incorporating wrestling moves into submission
    grappling... and the cradle is a powerful hold for grappling,
    MMA, and self defense that is very under utilized. In wrestling,
    the cradle is a common hold!

    In the video below, I show a basic cradle setup from the back
    and I show a few nice submission setups from the hold, including
    the cradle choke! Visit the link below to see the video:


    Check it out and enjoy!

    Marcos Avellan
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    Fasten your seat belts, and prepare for lift off

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    Dec 2007
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    Posted On:
    4/14/2012 12:41pm

     Style: Combat Cuddling

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I love the cradle set up, but I'm a little meh on the choke itself. For me at least I'd prefer to use it as a way to take their back moving from the cradle to a seatbelt grip or attack the leg you have trapped.


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