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    4/07/2012 1:02pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Hello Fate, Martial arts doesn't just have to stay in the Dojo. Once you become well versed in your art. Why not try some live play outside of class? I visit other schools/dojo on the regular. A lot of the time I visit BJJ or MMA places. Or maybe you can start a study group? The dojo should be a buffet. It is up to you to take it and apply it. This is a way you can add aliveness to your training and see how you fair against someone who is trying to counter and defeat you. Just talk over the rules and make sure they don't prohibit your arts techniques.
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    4/11/2012 1:49pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by It is Fake View Post
    No, it is these sub-forums. Much of what you are talking has not only been discussed to death, it is usually runs unchallenged in the TMA forums.
    I always thought that the idea of the TMA subforums was to allow these types of discussions somewhat unchallenged. Not saying I AGREE with that idea, but I had the impression that this was the design.
    Quote Originally Posted by BrotherDaniel View Post
    he wasnt using wing chun. so your point is invalid.
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